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Embodying both an old-school confectionary and a modern bespoke bakery, YeZ offers up homemade cakes and pastries alongside cake customization service. The chefs at YeZ acknowledge the merits of a good looker but are also advocates of quality ingredients and great taste. Hence, the hearty treats taste as good as they look, though usually better.

At 3 years old, the reputation YeZ has earned is one to be proud of. While she is famous for the D-Twenty-Fwah! durian cake and puffs, other crowd favourites include Chocolate Gorgeous (very rich chocolate ganache cake) and the Ohayo Cheesecake (Japanese cheesecake with fruit), which seems to be the star of late.

If you are in charge of celebrations and parties whether at home, among friends or the office, YeZ’s customization service is noteworthy. From a toddler’s dinosaur-themed birthday cake to elegant 5-tiered wedding cakes, YeZ helps you rise to the occasion, any occasion.

With YeZ, it’s hard to say no to cake.

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